Board of Directors

Deanna Creighton Cook

M.Ed. Educational Leadership

Master of Studies in Law (Student)

Deanna is a pioneer in the community schools movement. In her current role as Special Projects Coordinator for ABC Community School Partnership, Deanna researches issues that affect educational outcomes and develops systemic partnerships that will impact those outcomes. One of these issues is the link between student mobility, stable housing and academic achievement.  Recognizing that students with high rates of residential instability perform worse on standardized tests, have lower school achievement and delayed literacy skills, are more likely to be truant and are more likely to drop out, Deanna and the ABC Community School Partnership raised funds for rental assistance in order to stabilize students and families.


Working with UNM School of Law, Deanna organized eviction prevention training, pop-up legal clinics and tenant advocacy educational events for students and families. She also helped expand the Medical Legal Alliance into 2 community schools in order to address educational barriers, such as eviction, which have a root cause in civil law. 

Serge Martinez

Associate Dean of Experiential Learning and Professor of Law

Serge Martinez teaches primarily in the UNM School of Law’s Economic Justice Clinic, which focuses on support for grassroots economic development initiatives, enforcing the rights of low-wage workers, and improving housing stability and conditions for low-income tenants. His research and advocacy interests include housing and workers’ rights.

Previously, Professor Martinez was a Clinical Professor of Law and the founding director of the Community and Economic Development Clinic at the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University. Professor Martinez also founded the first law school clinic in Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor of Law at National Taiwan University College of Law in Taipei.

His background includes work as a senior staff attorney at the Urban Justice Center's Community Development Project, where he represented tenants and tenant associations and provided transactional legal assistance to non-profits and worker-owned cooperatives.

Darren is an innovative bridge builder between government, philanthropy, and the nonprofit community as well as an accomplished manager of people and resources.

Darren Sandow

Director of Operations

Saranam, LLC